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  • Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day

    As some of you know, Thammie is pregnant with our 4th baby. It has been amazing to see how mothers in general would love to have babies but at the same time go through 9 months of carrying a baby in their womb. It is hard work considering they have to wait for labor day.…

  • Mommy Thammie

    Mommy Thammie

    If there is one other mother I want to honor it is the mother of my kids – Thammie. Thammie is the kind of mother you want your kids to have. I am always amazed at in awe of how good Thammie is in mothering even we started having kids young. Thammie gave birth to…

  • MAMA


    Happy Mother’s day. Let me take this time to honor you. You have left a legacy for me, Thammie and the kids that I will forever remember. I honor you today¬† because you have been in more ways than one shown me what A STRONG MARRIAGE IS. Never once did you fight in front of…