Mother’s Day


11083886_10153895007785021_320130156713638812_nAs some of you know, Thammie is pregnant with our 4th baby. It has been amazing to see how mothers in general would love to have babies but at the same time go through 9 months of carrying a baby in their womb. It is hard work considering they have to wait for labor day.

Yes, labor. It’s hard work. Thus I honor you Thammie for your labor. Your labor cannot be compensated with money. It’s labor with love. It’s the hardship of the first trimester. It’s the strange feelings you get because your body is changing. It is the heaviness of your body because a baby is growing. No matter how disciplined you are with what you eat, you will feel heavier. It’s motherhood and you carry it with such grace.

When you had a hard time the first three months, you never complained. You take it like a mom on a mission. You know you were designed for this! I honor you for that!

I honor you for being humble and not taking pride of your achievements. I honor you for not making your lamaze labor a major achievement because you know it is what mothers go through.

I honor you for homeschooling our kids. I thank you that even in the midst of three kids and one on the way – you never grumbled and complained about the things needed to be done and the grades needed to be passed and the requirements needed for our kids to go to the next level – you take it as a mother on a mission.

I honor you for finding time to minister to me. You know that I could be a big baby sometimes but you understand. You spend time with me. You served me with an unconditional love. You know you are a wife first before you are a mother. You are a woman who understands -this is how God designed it to be. You are a woman on a mission.

I honor you for being my ministry partner. With all the ministry burdens and the discipleship that goes around- and some peaks and valleys – you take it as a woman on a mission. You cling to Jesus. You run to Jesus as your strength. Sometimes, I know I cannot do anything, with the things you have to juggle – but you live another day and just embrace God’s mission for you.

It’s all grace. God’s grace! It’s amazing when a mother relies on God’s grace. It is amazing when a mother finds her identity in Christ and not in her family, her achievements or her busyness.

Thank you. Happy Mother’s day Thammie! You are a great mom!

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