Mommy Thammie


If there is one other mother I want to honor it is the mother of my kids – Thammie.

Thammie is the kind of mother you want your kids to have. I am always amazed at in awe of how good Thammie is in mothering even we started having kids young.

Thammie gave birth to Alyanna at the age of 24. Who would have thought that she would have the skills to do all the motherly stuff. She never went to a mommy school but how she carries herself and how she handles are kids mesmerizes me. It is as if God gave her a supernatural abilitiy to be a mother.

Thammie’s typical day is to teach the kids letters, alphabets and do a lot of creative play. Alyanna and Mika got their love for music from my wife. She also does crafts with them, feed them, bathe them, change their clothes, put them to sleep in the afternoons and play kitchen and dolls with them.

I could never imagine taking Thammie’s place with the kids. Give me an hour with my daughters at home and I usually end up watching with them but for her to spend 8 hours everyday with them is mind boggling.

I love how Thammie parents our daughters. She has learned how to shepherd their heart. She has taught them about SIN, JESUS, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, SHARING. It is our prayer that Alyanna and Mika would one day accept Jesus into their lives.

I preached on proverbs 31 to the church and not trying to boast or to make my wife look good but a lot of the qualities mentioned in those verses reflects Thammie. I beleive it is because of her love for Jesus and the fear of God in her heart that she is able to fulfill by God’s grace the daunting task of motherhood.

To my wife Thammie – thank you very much for being the greatest mother in the whole world. Alyanna and Mika surely appreciates all the things you are doing for them day in day out.

I cannot fully appreciate you with this blog – but I want to honor you. I am blessed because of you. You have added so much value in my life. You are my partner in raising up our kids and I want to say how much I love you. You mean so much to me. Thank you, thank you. I love you dearly.

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