Happy Mother’s day. Let me take this time to honor you. You have left a legacy for me, Thammie and the kids that I will forever remember.

I honor you today  because you have been in more ways than one shown me what A STRONG MARRIAGE IS. Never once did you fight in front of us. You honored and respected DAD unconditionally.

I honor you today because of your sacrifices. Working hard to help give us a better future. I never felt neglected growing up. MAMA you were always there for us.

I honor you when you released me to marry the MOM of my kids, my wife Thammie though I knew it was really hard for you to release your favorite son. But look where we are now by the grace of God. You have shown us what a woman who fears God can achieve by grace.

MAMA to you I will be eternally grateful. I love you.

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