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  • The End of the World

    Here is my First Installment of the End of the World.  

  • President Noynoy in Church

    President Noynoy in Church

    Who would have thought that one day, our church would be able to host and have the President as our guest. Today, it happened. It is amazing and surreal. President Noynoy joined Victory Greenhills and the other churches in Metro Manila to celebrate the 2012 Global Day of Prayer – the biggest prayer gathering in…

  • It’s Time for Revival

    It’s Time for Revival

    Yesterday I blogged about how unity and discipleship is costly. Well it actually is. Lady Gaga is up for her 2nd night concert but I have great news – you can never stop the move of God. Acts 2:17-21 English Standard Version (ESV) 17 “‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour…

  • World Prayer Assembly Day 4

    World Prayer Assembly Day 4

    Yesterday was the highlight of the World Prayer Assembly 2012. Ptr Niko of Indonesia shared how he started the Healing Movement and reconcile all the churches in Indonesia. When he shared how God told him to remove the seal of his church and just declare that Indonesia has one church. It brought about such a…

  • World Prayer Assembly Day 1

    World Prayer Assembly Day 1

    It’s been quite a day and a half for me today. I am now in Indonesia attending the largest prayer gathering in the world since 1984 Seoul Korea’s prayer movement happened. So in a way I am a part of history. We booked our flight to Jakarta Indonesia and departed Manila at 845pm. We landed…