World Prayer Assembly Day 4

yonggi cho

Yesterday was the highlight of the World Prayer Assembly 2012. Ptr Niko of Indonesia shared how he started the Healing Movement and reconcile all the churches in Indonesia. When he shared how God told him to remove the seal of his church and just declare that Indonesia has one church. It brought about such a revival. Bought his book and reading it now. Pretty exciting.

We then all went to the Stadium and gathered with 100,000 believers in Indonesia. They had 20,000 children intercessors and 300+ cities converge together and some are in their cities holding a prayer gathering also. There are millions of people praying that night. The hand of God is truly in Indonesia.

The people wearing red are the children intercessors of Indonesia. During our trip to the stadium that took two hours from Bogur – they deployed thousands of people in the city to begin to pray for Indonesia. You could really sense the presence of God in the city.

I did not bring my SLR camera since I knew it would be too hard to carry one. Got this shot from

With Pastor Nanding Paunil, head coordinator of Global Day of Prayer Philippines.

Just seeing the multitudes again, awakened something in me to pray for the nation and to bring the local church to prayer not just in a local capacity but a global capacity. I also got to see and hear Pastor Yonggi Cho of Seoul Korea. Prayed that I would still preach the gospel passionately when I reach his age.

 To the organizers of World Prayer Assembly, to all the new friends and ministry partners I have met this past few days and to all the leaders who imparted the spirit of prayer, thank you very much. I am a changed man.



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