World Prayer Assembly Day 1

world prayer assembly

It’s been quite a day and a half for me today. I am now in Indonesia attending the largest prayer gathering in the world since 1984 Seoul Korea’s prayer movement happened. So in a way I am a part of history.

We booked our flight to Jakarta Indonesia and departed Manila at 845pm. We landed in Indonesia before 12mn (Manila time) but since the time here is minus one hour we landed at around 11pm (Indonesia time)

With Pastor Larry: Excited to learn how to mobilize kids to prayer

I was really glad to see some volunteers working round the clock in Jakarta airport. So when we landed, we were escorted to the registration table of WPA2012. I would really like to honor the Indonesian church for going beyond our expectations. There were free water, coffee and cookies for the delegates as we wait for our bus that would transport us to our hotel which was 2 hours away from the airport. To make the long story short, we were able to settle at our rooms at 5am. We haven’t slept so we woke up really late.

Tonight’s event brought me back to my EN2010 World Conference seeing 60+ nations in one place. The session for tonight was also something I pray that would happen to our churches in the Philippines.

Pastor Bambang Widjaja preaching on the power of unity in prayer and national transformation

I tried taking down notes but instead I end up taking shots of what was happening. I think for national transformation to happen, we need to unite as one church the same way the churches in Indonesia united for the gospel.

The body of Christ united: The Evangelical Alliance of Indonesia, Indonesia Charismatic Movement, Catholic Bishops of Indonesia coming together.

Pastor Bambang Widjaja said: “Prayer starts with humility.” We often don’t pray because we don’t consider ourselves to be helpless.