Twelve Marriage Lessons after Twelve Years


Happy 12th Anniversary Thammie. It has been a happy journey with you for the past twelve years. We have learned major lessons in life and marriage through the good times and the darkest moments in our marriage and family.

Here are twelve lessons I’ve learned in the past twelve years.

  1. When God said I would make a helper suitable for the man – He meant it.
  2. Learn to listen to your spouse.
  3. You are a team. Your spouse is not your enemy. You both want what’s best for each other.
  4. Work towards a common goal.
  5. Be a couple who lives out the mission God has called you to do. It gives meaning to your marriage!
  6. When Christ is the center – marriage is great. When it is I-centered or spouse-centered, expectations will never be met.
  7. Love your kids by loving your spouse.
  8. Men should take the lead role in leading the wife and the family. We have to force ourselves to lead well by providing vision, provision, and direction to our family.
  9. Never underestimate the power of sex in marriage.
  10. Build a community of God-fearing people around you to safeguard your marriage and keep you accountable in the most trying times of your marriage.
  11. Fight for fun in marriage.
  12. Be each other’s best friends.

In the next few blogs, I will be expounding on the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Watch out for it!

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