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  • Twelve Marriage Lessons after Twelve Years

    Twelve Marriage Lessons after Twelve Years

    Happy 12th Anniversary Thammie. It has been a happy journey with you for the past twelve years. We have learned major lessons in life and marriage through the good times and the darkest moments in our marriage and family. Here are twelve lessons I’ve learned in the past twelve years. When God said I would…

  • Loving Thammie

    Loving Thammie

    Loving you is a blessing. It has always been and I know it always will be. Thank you for loving Jesus and submitting to Him. Because of your faith – it has been a great marriage for us. Thank you for helping carry the load of family, ministry and everyday business. Thank you for making…

  • A Second Chance Reflection

    A Second Chance Reflection

    During our date night, Thammie and I decided to watch ‘A Second Chance”, one of the highest grossing Filipino film this year. I think most Filipinos already know the synopsis of the movie. Second Chance takes on a different angle from most love stories full of “kilig moments” and shows to us a side of…

  • How to Fight in Any Relationship

    How to Fight in Any Relationship

    Here is the secret to fighting clean and forgiving in any relationship:   Thammie and I also discussed this more in our book ” How to Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex?” To purchase our book, click here To order our books in Kindle e-book format, click here Also I am…

  • Is Kilig Factor Really Important?

    Is Kilig Factor Really Important?

    Watch this video to find out Join the Biblical Manhood page at FB, click here to join. For men only! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1393416954289639/