The Need to Design Life

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” – Henry David Thoreau

Are you tired of living life without any results? A lot do, yet many also don’t know what to do. What if there could be a way we could design your life so that you could fulfill the call of God for your life?

But this is not another post that would promise you results. Instead, this site would journey with you toward achieving your call. Shortcuts are dangerous, and transforming your life requires more than motivation. We will never fully say we’ve made it. We are all a work in progress. As I write this, I realize I don’t have all the answers to your questions. I am also aware that particular views and stances I had in the past have changed. I would call it maturity. The more I age, the more I realize that there is no easy answer to most of our questions, but there are timeless principles that help us flourish.

Picture with me that you would have made significant strides in achieving your goals after a year. Think about your career – as you follow the exercises and principles here – it could bring you greater clarity. How about your health? Maybe you want to live healthily and lose unwanted weight but have not achieved it. What would it take for you to say I’ll do it finally?

Your marriage – might not be where you want it to be, but you are coming to your senses and deciding to do something about it. Or your finances? You are broke and working at a job you don’t like. You want to do something about it also.

How about your life in Christ? You have wanted to get closer to Jesus and walk in His ways, yet you never get to the point of surrender.

If you are going to take action – I would challenge you to do it right and slowly. Designing your life is a delicate process. I don’t think there is a perfect design, but there are principles and procedures we cannot run away from. So let’s journey together and do something about it!

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