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  • Crickette Abello on Volunteer Management and Systems

    Crickette Abello on Volunteer Management and Systems

    Crickette Abello’s guide to have a great volunteer management system: 1. MINISTRY PLAN – Do whatever it takes is not enough to make volunteers stick. It would frustrate them because you dont have a plan. 2. Goals, Activities and Tasks. – what is the Win of your ministry? Your volunteer needs to know if you…

  • why the Punk church grew

    why the Punk church grew

    Yesterday i blogged about the youth church that my friend Pastor Miko Tangco is pastoring. For the longest time I have been trying to find the reason why the church has grown tremendously. Here are my 2 cents worth of the growth of the PUNK church in Market Market 1. Niche – Pastor Miko knew…



    Another question that people are asking is whose fault is it? Was it the government? Was it the people who irresponsibly throws their trash in the rivers and streets? Is it God’s fault? Here is a good blog from David Bonifacio that puts perspective to this question. After running around the past few days, I…

  • happy 25th birthday Victory

    register now- we still have seats left for our 3pm celebration. Our 8pm celebration is already closed

  • why every team needs a TITO

    why every team needs a TITO

    I am not referring to your uncle….. I am referring to Pastor Tito Almadin – our in house pastor. I met Pastor Tito while studying in the School of World Missions. He was the class daddy. He was the oldest but it didn’t look like. He was our daddy, our counselor, our class adviser. I…