why every team needs a TITO


I am not referring to your uncle…..

I am referring to Pastor Tito Almadin – our in house pastor.

I met Pastor Tito while studying in the School of World Missions. He was the class daddy. He was the oldest but it didn’t look like. He was our daddy, our counselor, our class adviser.

I would never have thought that one day Tito and I will be working together.

Tito is one of the humblest man I’ve ever seen. When we were classmates in Bible School I found out that he was already a seminary professor. The lessons he was going through was the lessons he was teaching outside Victory. He went through the School of World Missions to fulfill all requirements!

Tito exemplifies what true biblical leadership is. Even though I am way much younger and way inexperienced in ministry compared to his 20+++ years in ministry – he leads with me. He gives me my leadership space. He is secure with the task given him.

Tito is the pastor of pastors. I know for a fact that when I encounter problems in ministry, marriage or family I could run to Tito. His depth in the word and theology is also amazing. His counseling skills are phenomenal. Ever since Tito came on board 90% of my counseling load, weddings, funerals went to him and we have had happier people gaining insights from a man who has experienced the ups and downs that life offers.

Tito thank you for leading WITH the next generation. I honor you and appreciate your leadership and humility. You are an inspiration. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

PS: Tito also has a very beautiful wife, Carol. Men you have to talk to Tito to ask how he did it.


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