why the Punk church grew


Yesterday i blogged about the youth church that my friend Pastor Miko Tangco is pastoring. For the longest time I have been trying to find the reason why the church has grown tremendously.4786_1013698442979_1840608914_27310_1955038_n

Here are my 2 cents worth of the growth of the PUNK church in Market Market

1. Niche – Pastor Miko knew the people that God has called him to reach and he focused his effort in reaching them. For the longest time I was in a subtle way asking him to rethink about his desire to reach the punks to no avail – good thing he sticked with the people God has called him to reach.

During the church plant in Greenhills – Miko’s story reminded me to find my niche. Who are we trying to reach? Knowing who you are trying to reach would greatly affect how you do church.

2. He broke the culture code.

He spoke the language of the people. He had guitar hero, anime shorts, punk rock shirt, his stories were out of this world. I cringe when I listen but the young people listened and that is the main thing. He communicated the gospel using their language.

3. Unconditional love.

I remember when I attended the service 4 years ago, some rowdy punks where making a scene. Miko goes to them and talks to them as a man with authority. They left but he showed them his love.

Another time some frat members were harassing some of the high school students and I remeber getting so scared I called Pastor Miko and Pastor Robert to back me up. They did. They confronted the guys while I prayed. They told them not to come back again if they are going to harass the students.

Most of the poeple who attend the service are kids from broken families and living in poverty but Miko loved them like a shepherd loves his sheep.

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