sunday rewind for June 7, 2009



– church is awesome! God is awesome!
– church is quite full – thinking of a 7pm service unless God opens a door for us to have a morning facility for our service.
– the worship was anointed. My wife and Melvin did a great job in leading the people to the presence of God.


– Ding, Abeg and Abeg’s sisters were fantastic. They sang this Tagalog song that would make you want to fight for this country.
– was so nervous preaching the word yesterday. I love it when I am nervous. I know something big is going to happen.
– Nehemiah is now my new favorite Bible hero. I thought David was the man! But reading Nehemiah 13 made me change my mind.


here are some of the key thoughts in my message
– the way to change the world is to first live the WORD.
– some people just read the Bible but they never live it out.
– the sin of tolerance destroyed the city of Jerusalem
– sometimes its ok to get mad especially if the Biblical standards are being violated.
– I don’t recommend that people be ANGRY leaders but there are occasions when you have to. Nehemiah was not a mad leader, only when needed to that he showed righteous anger to deal with the situation at hand.
– I’d rather offend men than offend God.

photos by Jun Navarro