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  • Sneak Peek of the Music Museum flood last Sunday

    Sneak Peek of the Music Museum flood last Sunday

    We had to cancel our services because of the flood not outside Greenhills but inside Music Museum. This shot is taken after 5 to 10 minutes of waterfalls inside the Music Museum hallway. Floors were really slippery. Good thing the downpour happened between our 1st service and 2nd service or it could have been a…

  • The Need To Succeed

    The Need To Succeed

    Ever felt the need for you to succeed. Nobody wakes up and prays that he won’t experience success in his work, family, marriage and business. We all want to succeed. Some succeed in one area of life while fail on other areas. Some find it hard to succeed in both career/work and family. What is…

  • Never too Old

    Never too Old

    Galileo made some of his greatest scientific discoveries at the age of 73. John Glenn returned to space at the age of 75. Benjamin Franklin was a framer of the U.S. constitution at the age of 81. Michelangelo was still producing masterpieces at the age of 89. Dr. Jonathan Goforth, the great missionary to China,…

  • Buddha, Hare krishna and Jesus

    A disciple of Hare krishna, Buddha and Jesus decided to have a showdown and this is what happened: Victory Greenhills, a church in the Philippines, meets at Music Museum, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan 3pm and 5pm.

  • Sunday Rewind #14

    – great time of worship. Was really blessed with our worship team. – KL reminded me of Nove when she was starting in worship. – the special number was awesome! – Pastor Jayson’s mesage was simple, powerful and sweet. Glad to have him share the load with me. – baptism and laying on if hands…