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  • Kids Church in Action

    Kids Church in Action
  • Church with Small Groups?

    In my opinion ( yes my humble opinion), one of the reasons why some churches grow is because of how their small group ministry is structured. I have been to many churches with small group ministries but having such ministry does not guarantee that the church will grow and expand. As what I’ve said in…

  • A creative way to announce if your church is full….

    and that you are not allowing people to come in ( for safety and security purposes) but challenging them to be on time or attend the next service.    

  • The Volunteer Diaries: Making the Sunday Experience Rock

    The Volunteer Diaries: Making the Sunday Experience Rock

    Yesterday, churchgoers who arrived early at the Victory Greenhills worship services at 2:30pm, 4:30pm, and 6:30pm got an interesting welcome treat: a small paper cup with little rocks and a strip of paper that read, “Let he who is without sin eat the first stone.” Their reactions were varied and priceless: some stopped in their…

  • Always in a Season

    A letter to Victory Greenhills: Almost 4 years. In 7 months time, we will be entering our 4th year as a church. 4 exciting years that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The past 4 years have been personally a season of pruning, growth, excitement, faith and at times doubt, and trusting in Jesus. People would…