Small, Smart Choices

Small, smart choices + consistency + Time = Radical Difference  – Darren Hardy

If you fall short of your life goals, it’s crucial to pause and reflect on your daily choices. Consider your routines, goals, schedules, and values all significantly shape your path to personal growth. The easy route is to blame someone for it. The right path is to look at ourselves first and assess our decisions.

I remember making a decision two years ago to be healthy. I was up to almost 200 lbs and needed to do something about it. My sugar level was not good, my liver needed work, and my mental stamina was not where it was supposed to be. I needed to do something about it to last long in the game. I got a coach and started doing the work. I lost more than 10kgs in four months and kept on going until an unexplainable disease sidelined me for six months. The picture below was a month before I got sick.

The plan was simple. I knew it all along, but I did not decide to change. I was content with where I was until I saw the negative effects of not living healthy.

My coach told me to eat a caloric diet and exercise thrice weekly. Instead of binge-watching or just reading a book, I took time to do all I was told. I downloaded Fitness Pal for my calorie counting and started measuring myself every week.

Small choices plus consistency over time lead to radical differences.

Why am I writing this? You see, since my sickness, I have been gaining weight and having difficulty returning. I returned to making small, wrong choices and consistently ate and delayed my exercise. Over time, I gained weight again. One day, I saw a picture of myself: a wake-up call. Pictures do not lie, and it told me I was returning to my old ways.

I had to remind myself that I committed to staying healthy and strong for God and my family. I don’t need a push; I need to commit. I must remind myself how good it feels not to be tired easily, do ministry work with energy, and eat healthy food that keeps me in tip-top shape. The goal is to look like the AI-generated picture below (haha)

So, this is a blog to keep myself accountable. I am responsible for my own choices. Let the health journey begin again!

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