Notes from the Meeting: Boundary Stones


I am starting something new on my website called notes from the meeting. I was taught a long time ago by my pastors that the best way to retain learnings is focus and taking down notes. I have seen this bear fruit in my life and have added other ways to maintain it. In fact, my blog was birth out of wanting to document all my learnings.

So let’s start off with my first entry on notes from the meeting.

Speaker: Pastor Gilbert Foliente

Topic: Paradox of Growth

Audience: Church Leaders and Staff

As we continue to grow as a movement, we have to go back to what is important to us because that is how and why God called us when we started as a church in 1984. 

What are our boundary stones?

1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ- he is our master. 

We preach Christ as Lord. He is not just a ticket to heaven. He is our leader, the one who calls the shot and the one who drives my life.

Luke 6:46 ” Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”

2. The Honor of God – it is our motive

All our motives and actions should be about the Honor of God.

3. The gospel – our message 

Whatever your job is, you are preaching the gospel. We might have different functions, but we have one message.

4. The Mission Statement 

5. The Culture and Values -our mores 

Know the culture of the organization you are a part of. If you can’t live within that culture – then it would be wise to find a culture that you could work around. Values are also important – because the why of the organization (whether it is a church or a business organization) is crucial if you will last long and fling your life to the values and vision of the organization.


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