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  • Notes from the Meeting: Boundary Stones

    Notes from the Meeting: Boundary Stones

    I am starting something new on my website called notes from the meeting. I was taught a long time ago by my pastors that the best way to retain learnings is focus and taking down notes. I have seen this bear fruit in my life and have added other ways to maintain it. In fact,…

  • God can do More

    God can do More

    During our monthly staff meeting, Pastor Gilbert Foliente, shared a powerful word on how God can do more. Here is the verbatim quote: ” God can do more with what we have than what we don’t have.” When we think that I need more funds to make it happen, rememberĀ God can do more with what…

  • Ignite Notes Day 2

    Ignite Notes Day 2

    Here are my notes and observation for day 2 of Ignite Session 1: Daniel Trinidad – everyone has a tendency to grow cold. – we are reminded to fan into flame the gift of God ” Hindi ka mamamatay pag wala kang boyfriend/ girlfriend” People around you affect the flame inside you. Don’t go solo.…