Chat GPT, AI, and Our Future

So I finally caved in and tested CHAT GPT with the urging of my friends to check it out. I was living under the fear that AI would dominate human beings. I remember how Elon Musk and Jack Ma debated AI technology and how both have opposing views on the subject. Elon insists that AI is more intelligent than human beings, while Jack Ma questioned the premise by pointing out that humans created AI, so how can the creation be greater than the creator? Both have good points, but there is a middle ground to all of this. 

First, we have to acknowledge that AI tech is here to stay. We are in the birthing stage of AI and are already fascinated and in awe of what it can do. This is the beginning of another significant change that would affect all of us. Some jobs would be significantly affected. If we don’t adjust to the technological upgrade and learn new skills that AI can’t replicate, we will experience pain and discomfort in our work.

Second, I see a shift in service work. In many first-world countries, service workers like carpenters, landscapers, waiters, drivers, engineers, and the like can get high pay, while many in third-world countries working in service-oriented jobs don’t pay well. With the growth of AI technology – I hope to see more Filipinos experience financial gain with their work. I can’t wait for the day when a carpenter in Manila can afford to buy a house rather than build homes for others while living in impoverished areas of our city. I am excited to see drivers, both in the public and private sectors, get to purchase their own cars. You know what I am getting at. 

Thirdly, people hungry to learn, humble enough to change, and adjust will be winners in the next decade. Kevin Kelly, in his book The Inevitable, sums it up with this quote: 

Technological life in the future will be a series of endless upgrades. “And the rate of graduation is accelerating. Features shift, defaults disappear, and menus morph… No matter how long you have been using a tool, endless upgrades make you a newbie – the new user often seen as clueless. In this era of becoming everyone becomes a newbie. Worse we will be newbies forever. That should keep us humble.” – Kevin Kelly.

Fourth, you need to enlist guides and coaches. Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, and Tiger had Harmon. You need an experienced leader who has undergone similar changes and trials and can help you move up in a fast, changing world. Who’d you got? 

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