Daily Grind 19: Your Work of Art


The past months, my eldest daughter have been studying painting. Alyanna has been dishing out great work. I’m not biased, but I think she has that artist touch.

We then posted her art on her social media account. She got some offers from people who wanted to buy her art ( I told you she was good).
We didn’t know how to price her art but decided to sell it for $50. Not bad for a novice.

But there was this painting she likes. She took the time to make it exquisite. We then got an offer from someone who is willing to sell it for $120.

She couldn’t decide whether to sell it or not. We were encouraging her to sell her art especially this one painting.


After two days of prodding her just to paint a similar one so she could sell her art – she told me something that taught me a valuable lesson.
She said,

“Dad, you can’t repeat art. I poured so much into this work, so I think it’s not worth $120. It’s worth more! I don’t know how much but I can’t repeat my work of art.”

If people would start to think like an artist and see their job or services as a work of art- I believe the world would be a better place. Imagine if all of us go to work treating our job as an art- then we don’t need the motivation to do our best because we know giving your best is the only option. To be mediocre in our work is not only an insult to your boss but also to you. To treat every day as “business as usual,” would remove the excitement and possibilities of doing greater work.

How about you? How do you see your job? Do you treat it as art? If yes, do share your stories with the community on how you see work and what are the things you do to make remarkable work.

Also for those interested to see my daughter’s work, check out their Instagram page here.

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