Working with the Next Generation


I am not writing as one representing the older generation. I am writing as one appreciating the work and the empowering environment working in Victory for the past 15 years. Last Sunday Pastor Bojo Bonifacio and Joash Paunil shared in our services about how both generations can work together. Their message was powerful but what I can’t help but think is how so many people in the past have invested in this young men.

I have thousands of photos from our old youth ministry days and looking at those pictures gives you a sense of excitement on what God is doing and what He is about to do.

This was  a picture taken last 2004 at a Victory Weekend. The young man in blue is Jay Ravelo. He is now one of the campus missionary in Victory Ortigas influencing thousands of young people and leading a vibrant youth ministry. Who would have thought?

In this picture is Joash ( on the far left with the hat). This was taken 2003. When I was a campus missionary I would visit Joash in his campus and he would gather his classmates for small groups. After a year, there was a drastic change in the lives of his friends. Some of them now are in full time ministry also. Joash is now our Lifebox campus missionary in San Juan.

Or who would have thought that Pastor Ferdie of our Victory Ortigas, 19 years ago would take time and invest on some Chinese kid?

Pastors and youth workers, don’t ever think that your work for the Lord is in vain. The seeds you sow sometimes takes time to bear fruit but you will never know the impact that you have among the next generation. Continue what you have been doing – love the students, preach the gospel, change the campus, change the world.