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  • Working with the Next Generation

    Working with the Next Generation

    I am not writing as one representing the older generation. I am writing as one appreciating the work and the empowering environment working in Victory for the past 15 years. Last Sunday Pastor Bojo Bonifacio and Joash Paunil shared in our services about how both generations can work together. Their message was powerful but what…

  • The Hunger Games: What are you Hungry For?

    The Hunger Games: What are you Hungry For?

      A blog by Bojo Bonifacio Last Friday I got to watch the latest blockbuster with my wife together with some of our youth leaders. I thought it was a pretty good movie regardless of all the hype. I believe what draws people to the story of the Hunger Games is the comparison of the…

  • Building the Next Generation

    A preaching I gave on why the church needs to build the next generation. Hope it encourages you to build on the next generation of leaders in church and those not yet in church. Check out the blogs of our campus missionaries: 1. Bojo Bonifacio 2. Joash Paunil 3. Ethel Magalong

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    Some of you know Bojo only as the youth pastor of Victory Greenhills or the Lifebox Director of San Juan but after working with Bojo for the last 4 years there is more to this man that meets the eye. Here are some things you might want to know about Bojo: 1. Bojo was our…

  • Victory Greenhill’s State of the Church Address

    Victory Greenhill’s State of the Church Address

    It is exactly 2 years and 7 months when we started our church in Greenhills. We have survived, enjoyed and seen the tremendous growth God has given us as a church. I still see the miracle of God’s mighty hand moving in our church week in, week out. We have seen marriages restored, young people…