Winning at any Church Size

” The tendency for most of us…is to start strategizing how to increase chruch attendance. That’s a big mistake!” – Pastor Dave Ferguson

Here are a few suggestions on how a church can win at any size according to Dave Ferguson and my comments.

1. Focus on Changing Lives.

– Still the best way to win is to hear of people’s lives being changed by the gospel. Create an environment where the gospel is preached and testimonies of changed lives are celebrated.

2. Focus on Reproduction.

– I would say focus on discipleship. When our church entered the second year we experienced such huge growth that our leaders can’t contain the harvest. This year we intentionally rallied our people to be a disciple and to make disciples. It is easy to get a crowd but to make disciples is messy and it takes a while.

3. Focus on your unique calling.

Reach the majority who are not yet in church. Don’t reach the reached. Don’t fish on the other boat. Be missional. This is the unique calling of a church planter and a church who is passionate about the things of God.