Why I need to do something about my health and why you should too…

Life is a marathon not a sprint.

If you are planning to be in planet earth to do great work that would help and add value people, you must have the endurance to run with the vision Godbhs given you.

We can have great plans but if the body is always sick, tired and sloppy – plans would remain as plans.

I’m now 37 years old and I know I could give more and do more even without changing any eating habits or sleeping habits NOW. But I’m not sure that I could three or five years from now when I crossover the Big 40.

So I am faced with a choice to do something about it three years from now or do something about it now. 

Why then should I wait three years before O make a change on something that I know is important now and important in the future for the overall goal to honor God and make disciples. 

I know all of us have a picture of a healthy body even when we are old but I do hope it won’t just be a representation but a reality. A visual representation would be nice but a reality of a healthy me is the goal. 

I have to stop daydreaming that I am eating healthy, sleeping early and exercising regularly. I have to do it Now! 

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