When SMALL matters


Where we are today is made up of the small decisions we made along the way. The thing with the small choices we make in life is that they seem so small at the moment we decided to do it.

Whether it’s temptation – the small flirting, the soft porn, the small talk with the opposite sex which eventually led to adultery or fornication.

Or it is your career advancement. Proverbs tell us that a little slumber and a little folding of hands would lead to poverty. No wonder a lot are in the state of where they are is because they never notice that the small choices they make results into the state they are in.

Life, if you look at it, is consist not of big decisions, but small seemingly insignificant decisions that would define where we are going.

The decision to read your Bible daily.

The decision to live in integrity.

The decision to stay faithful to your spouse every single day.

The decision to eat healthy and exercise.

The small matters.

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