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  • How to Fight in Any Relationship

    How to Fight in Any Relationship

    Here is the secret to fighting clean and forgiving in any relationship:   Thammie and I also discussed this more in our book ” How to Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex?” To purchase our book, click here To order our books in Kindle e-book format, click here Also I am…

  • The #greatsexbook is out!!!

    The #greatsexbook is out!!!

    It’s finally out. Thammie and I wrote this book because we wanted to share to our readers how they can have a great sex life. Yes! Great! not good but GREAT! Every time somebody tells you they are doing good, what it really means is that “IT IS BORING”. But have you heard someone say…

  • When SMALL matters

    When SMALL matters

    Where we are today is made up of the small decisions we made along the way. The thing with the small choices we make in life is that they seem so small at the moment we decided to do it. Whether it’s temptation – the small flirting, the soft porn, the small talk with the…