When God Visited North Korea


With the recent developments between North Korea and South Korea, many are optimistic that God is making a mighty move once again in a nation that turned their backs against God.

It would be interesting to note though that the Christian influence that shaped South Korea started in North Korea in 1900.

I researched on the Pyongyang revival to study its effects on Korea’s history and the lessons we can learn from this 40-year-old revival. During the nineties, Korea boasted of being one of the countries with the most significant number of Christian churches and how they significantly contributed to the world through prayer. Pyongyang revival had such a substantial impact on the nation of Korea that the city became known as the Jerusalem of the East.

It’s interesting to see what happened after the revival and why North Korea became a nation that persecutes believers after a hundred years of the revival. It would also be interesting to note that most revivals recorded had prominent figures that shaped the revival, but unlike the Pyongyang revival, it was not marked by one significant preacher that started it but was a result of a community of believers responding to the conviction of the Holy Spirit that began a wildfire in Pyongyang.

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