weekend update

– one of the longest weekend for me.

– for the past few weeks I have been putting our kids to sleep (one if the advantages of having no yaya).Mika was having loose bowel movement and had an episode of vomiting the food she ate.

– Saturday 230am, Mika vomited again so we had to rush her to the ER. Mika is doing well already. Thanks for the prayers.

– We werent able to sleep saturday and I was scheduled to preach at the Fort 4pm and 6pm. Gods grace was evident as I found the strength to preach. Preaching at the Fort reminds me of my youth ministry days where I pastored the youth for 4 years.

– preached for the first time without any notes. Glad it worked out well. Had to miss a very important family event though.

– was able to sleep well Sat night after watching 24 with wife. Woke up a little later to regain the sleep I’ve lost.

– went to church with Alyanna while Thammie and Mika stayed home.

– bought some lunch at my favorite take out place DEC and when I was about to pay the owner refused to get the money. Had free lumpia and drinks for free.

– stayed with Alyanna backstage since she insisted going with me to the adult service. Had fun hanging out with her. She is daddy’s girl.

– RED SPOON is now open.

– worship keeps getting better every week. Will miss KS though since it would be her last time to sing at Greenhills.

– preached on the parable of the wedding banquet. You can listen to our preaching at our Victory Greenhills website.

– met up with 11 of our victory group leaders to kick off our 1 month of intense discipleship. More on that in my future blog

– was surprised to receive a bag of HAKAW and Siopao from DEC again care of Jun and Sally. Guys thank you very much for your generosity

– went home with a beautiful wife waiting for me. Thammie cooked some chicken longganisa na tostado. She knows how to make her man happy. I love my church and I love my wife