Walking on Water

In my reading today, Peter walked on water upon Jesus’ prompting. He took the risk and did the impossible.

So many times, we put Peter in a bad light because after walking on water, he loses his focus on Jesus and started drowning. But we forgot the fact that out of the twelve, only Peter took the risk. Out of the twelve, only Peter walked on water.

I tried imagining if I was Peter. Would I take the risk? Or would I stay in the boat since it was safe?

Many times in our lives God tells us to get out of the boat. To obey His word and take risks. He calls us to an adventure.

Imagine Peter seeing himself walking on water. How must have that felt? Exhilarating, and mind-blowing! He must have been laughing at first. He was defying the laws of nature. It must have been how Peter Parker felt when he realized he could climb walls!

How many of us have settled to be in the boat – playing it safe. We convince ourselves it is okay to be in the boat yet we miss out on the most beautiful things God wants us to experience.

It starts when we think our faith is all about going to heaven and praying the sinner’s prayer. Our faith in Christ is more than a ticket to heaven. In fact, read the Scripture and you would see an overwhelming pattern of following Jesus and pledging your allegiance to the Master, then using him as eternal insurance and going about your own ways. I was guilty of that early on in my faith journey.

We play it safe with relationships- not wanting to love or take the risk to trust. We choose not to go deep into the community and choose to be Sunday attendees of our church. We think it’s all about the “Sunday”. We are scared for people to know us, to walk with us, and know us. We create gaps and spaces with the people.

Even in our prayers, “we pray it safe”. We pray, ” Lord, keep me safe, don’t let me experience trials and sufferings” – something we know we all experience as we share in the suffering of Christ. Yet we choose to embrace a kind of faith that’s all about feeling good and experiencing positive vibes.

I had to wrestle with my sickness the past month. I asked the Lord, “Why bring this sickness at the moment the church is growing, and the community is in faith for greater things, and why now Lord?”

Yet it was in stepping out of the boat that we experience the miracle. We move into the supernatural realm as we walk on water. It is out of the boat and on the water that we become dependent on the Lord every step of the way. Out of the boat – a scary thought. Out of my comfort, out of the security I’ve made up amidst all the chaos and storm, and into the water of God’s power, peace, and supernatural power.

I pray that this year would be your year of miracles. We can’t stay in the boat. Walk on the water towards Jesus – that should be our goal!

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