Uncommon Marriage


Just finished reading the book of Tony and Laura Dungy “Uncommon Marriage” and enjoyed reading through the ups and downs of their marriage and how they were able to walk and work it out.

It takes a lot of hard work to make the marriage work. Being married for twelve years, Thammie and I have come to learn that it takes deliberate effort to make relationships thrive.

Here are some take-home lessons from the book:

Husbands need to work hard to hear your wife’s heart and meet her needs. This is the call for men to lead their wife and their family. This entails that I have to prepare myself mentally and spiritually that I am to love sacrificially as Christ sacrificially loved me. (Ephesians 5)

Wives need to show love and respect to your husband. 

Laura Dungy had to learn to strike a balance between acceptance and expressing her disappointment when following her husband’s lead in an area where she disagrees.

Thammie does well in this area as she has learned how to communicate her feelings at the right place and at the right time. It is also healthy if both husband and wife talk to God first before they enter into an argument. There are times that through prayer we would see God reveal and expose sins in our lives that when dealt with by God would be better off than having to deal with it with your spouse.

Manage Expectations and Appreciate your Differences

read Ephesians 4:2-7

Both of you come from the different background so it would be best to understand where you came from and also discuss the culture you want to set for your family moving forward. The book also shared how we can’t expect our spouse to read our mind. Some of my disagreement with my wife happens because we want our spouse to be mind readers. It is crucial for couples to have an open communication in marriage.

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