Just came from our Victory Basketball League and our Greenhills team lost to the Fort Team by one point. It was a highly intense fought game. There was banging, bruising, crashing. Some of our players in Greenhills were shocked to see how the game is played in a Christian league.rambo_17_04_2006

During the 1st quarter I heard one of our players say, ” They hit us hard, I wasn’t expecting that.” I told him to just play the game and be aggressive as well.

Here is how the world perceives Christian men

– can’t hurt a fly

– can’t play real basketball, can’t rebound, can’t hussle, can’t play D.

– effeminate, lacks discipline, sissy

Now if you are reading your Bible it is the other way around

David – killed thousands of people and attracted warriors in his army.

Samson – set a city on fire

Daniel and Friends – set on fire but wouldn’t renounce their  faith, Daniel kept his conviction even if it meant being thrown in the lion’s den

John the Baptist – ate insects, confronted the Pharisees head on.

Disciples of Jesus – martyred for their faith

Apostle Paul – escaped death, was tortured to death and fake his own death and continue preaching the WORD.

Here is how Jesus defines Biblical Masculinity

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.  Matthew 11:12


Biblical Masculinity on a daily basis means

1. You lead your family spiritually.

2. You bring home the bacon and show them the money. You are called to provide.

3. You serve in church without any expectation of praise in return.

4. Doing business with integrity even if it would hurt you financially.

5. Playing some hardcore, honest to goodness defense in the basketball court.

How can you win the world, if you can’t play some D.

PS: Really proud of our team. Greenhills came back from a 15 point deficit but run short in the end. Expect us to come back harder the next game.