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  • Five Things a Man Should Build

    Five Things a Man Should Build

    It’s finally on Amazon Kindle! The sequel to my book Act Like a Man: Taking Manhood Back is here! I wrote the Five Things a Man Should Build is the nuts and bolts to how to act like a man. It took me more than a year to launch this in Amazon but finally got…

  • VLOG: Fathers Define Us

    VLOG: Fathers Define Us

    The influence and the power of a Father is crucial for every family. Listen as Pastor Dennis shares how fathers can influence us.  

  • boy’s room

    boy’s room

    Just typing the word “BOY’S ROOM” gives me endless memories and pictures of my room when I was young and still living with my parents. I remember our INTERCOM with the words written BOYS ROOM – yeah that’s my room. In that room I am the king except when mom barges in and tells me…



    Just came from our Victory Basketball League and our Greenhills team lost to the Fort Team by one point. It was a highly intense fought game. There was banging, bruising, crashing. Some of our players in Greenhills were shocked to see how the game is played in a Christian league. During the 1st quarter I…