top 10 mistakes after 2 years of church


My blog yesterday – FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, I made a promise to write my top 10 mistake as a church planter. Here it goestop-10-mistakes-men-make-in-divorce_1

10. Tried to put too much gimmick I sometimes forgot that I have to preach the Word.

9. Trying to be like other churches when God has called us to do something specific for Greenhills.

8. Not knowing who we wanted to reach.

7. Overworked the team.

6. Put people in leadership position who I did not test.

5. Neglect the Holy Spirit in certain decisions about church.

4. Tried to please so many people

3. Forced my wife to ministry roles

2. Did not protect my family time because of ministry responsibilities

1. Not risking more

All the mistakes I have mentioned made me better, made our team better, made our church stronger.