Therapy has Taken Over Theology

I was having dinner with some new friends when one of the man shared how he is going through a Christian program right now to trace whatever hurt and why his life is like how it is today. After weeks of going through the program – the reason for his miserable life was traced because of his dad. His dad was not a good dad.

The reasoning he made was valid but it wasn’t complete. Yes having a good father helps. But I do have friends who have absentee fathers and they are surrendered to Christ. I have friends who have dads who did not even bother to show up and care but they have relied and trust in the love of Christ to father them.  I said valid because I have seen the effects of fatherlessness in our nation. Incomplete because even the best dads cannot give what we are looking for.

The reason I am saying this is because we have somehow treated Scripture and Jesus as therapy. Jesus is not your psychologist. Jesus is your healing. The deepest problem we have is not found in others or what others have done but with our sinful nature.

Watch how we therapy has taken over theology