The Sacredness of Worship Services: A Reflection from Leviticus

Today, millions of people attend church from different languages and nations. All have different expressions of worship, liturgy, and worship acts.

Reading thru Leviticus, God shows us how sacred the time of worship is. We observe specific standards and procedures when we gather as a church community. In Leviticus, God instructed the Israelites to keep particular things during worship, offering, and even the priest’s garments.

It made me realize how important the Lord’s Day of Worship is. There is such sacredness to coming to worship with the church community. It must be observed with honor and respect.

The worship time was not attractional in nature. It was devoid of any consumerism mindset. The community was coming as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords summoned them.

Let us check our hearts and our mind as we worship today. Let us come with awe and reverence to our Lord, who deserves all praise and honor.

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