Here is the sad fact: A lot of pastors are BROKE. Not spiritually but financially broke. And this is not limited to pastors who made a vow of poverty – I am talking about Baptist, evangelicals, Methodist, Lutherans, and even prosperity preachers. Most of the pastors I met in this nation are so broke they can’t even afford to buy a decent Bible. the-poor-child

In the provinces, pastors have an average monthly income of P500. No wonder they have no time to prepare a decent message because they have to feed their family.

At the end of a pastor’s career – he ends up with nothing but his Bible. Most retired pastors end up working and merely surviving.

The next week I’ll be blogging about the pastor and his money. I hope this series would help the pastors experience financial breakthrough. For he readers of this blog – it would be good for you to follow this blog series as well and learn a thing or two about handling your finances.

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