the next Steve Murrell?


In our movement, Every Nation and Victory you would often hear people say he wil be the next Ferdie Cabiling or the next Luther Mancao or the next Joey Bonifacio (not saying this are old guys but they are some of the best leaders that the world has evestevemurrellr seen) but nobody has yet to ask who is the next Steve Murrell? ( founder and president of Every Nation )

Here is my answer:

The next Steve Murrell is……………………………..


Sorry to disappoint all the Steve Murrell -wannabes, or the Ferdie Cabiling- wannabes,  there could only be one. Here is why?

GREAT LEADERS never stop learning. They always declare war on themselves. They have a hunger and thirst for learning and improving. They never rest on the past. They research, read books, listen to podcasts, they know who are the current movers and shakers and they learn from them.

Bill Gates said this: (and here is the reason why there is no next Bill Gates)

Bill Gates: I toss and turn at night thinking about the kid in a garage who is gunning for Microsoft…for me. When people ask me if I think I’m smart, my answer is not smart enough. The world keeps moving forward, and I have to stay ahead of the curve. The way I view it, there is no minute to waste.

So don’t be the next Steve Murrell or the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs – be the next you!