The Cultural Barrier


I grew up literally in the Christian world. The songs I listen to ( Steve Green, Chapman, Carman, Petra, St james) were not the typical songs people my age listen to during my time. The authors ( Peretti, Dobson, Billy Graham) was not in the Oprah book club. I was living in a different warp zone. A different culture. The evangelical culture – from the school system to family upbringing.

It also is evident in church. A newcomer comes into a typical church and is introduced to a new world – with new sets of rules and traditions. The music and the language are different. The dating process, the way we build social networks are poles apart to how the “outside word” operates.

And then we try to cram the gospel to this people using our language, music and culture and they shy away, run away never to return froma traumatic experience in the presence of God’s people. I remember being embarassed to invite all my high school friends to go to church because of the cultural barrier and walls the church has put. “It’s as if there is an UNWELCOME sign in the doors of churches”

So how do we respond:

We must acknowledge that there is a cultural barrier that we need to break for the people to understand the gospel.

This is the first and most crucial step. We cannot live in denial and say that we don’t need to change as a church. We need to – not our message but the means on how we share this message.

Become missional in the context of your community, not a trendy community far away. Far too many, they love their preferences and their strategies more than they love people whom God has called them to reach. – Ed Stetzer

John 20:21  ¶     Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

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