The Best Can Come Together 


In life, the best can come together. – Juray Mora

It was when I got married to Thammie that I saw how God multiplied my fruitfulness in life and ministry.

It was when I decided to be part of a local church and get involved in the community that I saw thousands of lives changed not because I am good but because of the effort of community with the same passion and commitment to make a difference in the world.

Since it is the NBA playoffs, let me also share some thoughts on the Golden State Warriors move to get Kevin Durant. The philosophy is the same – the best can come together. While everybody is debating about who is the Alpha Dog – Curry or Durant – the Warriors just kept winning.

Kevin Durant left OKC to join the Golden State Warriors to have a fighting chance of winning the championship. He might have received a lot of negative feedback for the move – but only champions recognize that I cannot do it alone. There is strength in numbers. For sure, years from now, they won’t remember it as a cowardly move from Kevin Durant but a humbling move to work in a team to win a championship.

When I see the team that I work within the local church, I am glad that all of us know that apart from each other, we won’t be able to complete the task God has called us to do.

You can’t do life alone. You can’t win alone. You are not as good as you think you are if you fight alone. There is strength in numbers!

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