34 reasons I am grateful to you Thammie


1. For marrying someone like me.

2. For loving God more than any other person in the world.

3. For unconditional love you have shown me the past 11 years.

4. For friendship that goes deeper every year.

5. For being simple and living simple.

6. For being the best home organizer even when budget is limited.

7. For never complaining even once when there are things we would choose not to buy though it would be so convenient to have one. ( goes with the reality that you married a Chinese)

8. For enjoying the simple joy of an MSG filled Chinese buffet for p168.

9. For giving birth the natural way (lamaze) to our first born.
10. For giving birth the natural way to our second baby.

11. For giving birth the natural way to our 3rd baby.

12. For giving birth the natural way to our fourth baby. 

13. For the sleepless nights of taking care of our kids while you let me sleep so I can go to the office refreshed and alert.

14. For breastfeeding all our kids. ( healthy na and thousands of savings every month)

15. For choosing to do side business selling diapers during our early years as parents so that we can have extra income.

16. For cooking some of the best home cooked meals for the family and being the best eating buddy ever!

17. For making sure the house is clean even if I don’t demand it to be that Thammie standard clean

18. For being a worshipper. Your worshipful heart brings such peace in the family.

19. For homeschooling our kids. How you do it, I don’t know. 

20. For helping other women in their journey to motherhood.

21. For reminding the family always to never doubt God’s provision and grace.

22. For showing your family that excellence is something we all can achieve.

23. For being my English teacher.

24. For your honest feedbacks to make me a better husband, father and pastor.

25. For doing ministry with me. We are better together.

26. For taking time to blog and vlog so that other people might be blessed.

27. For introducing to me the beautiful world of coffee!!!! 

28. For making me lead our marriage and family.

29. For submitting to my leadership as unto the Lord.
30. For being the most resourceful, thrifty woman that I know. Just want to say that occasionally you can actually spend a little money for yourself.

31. For teaching the kids character, values and faith.

32. For your reminder to the family that God should be first through your bible reading every morning in the dining table. 

33. For discipling women. Thank you for taking time to do the great commission.

34. For being faithful to me for the past 11 years.

Bonus three more:

35. For being so organized in our trips that I could now pack my own bag using the Thammie method!

36. For being a fun person to be with.

37. For  making me the most important ministry God has given you. Thank you for taking care and prioritizing our marriage.

One response to “34 reasons I am grateful to you Thammie”

  1. Nasisiyahan ako habang binabasa ko ang 34 Reasons mo why you sre grateful to Thammie.
    What a beautiful couple you are! A good example to many. Mapalad kayo dahil kahit mga bata pa kayo naaayos niyo ang inyong relasyon dahil sa inyong kaunawaan ng kahulugan ng marriage kung saan si Kristo ang nasa cener ng inyong relationship. Sana lahat ng mag aasawa katulad niyo sa gayon di na madadagdagan pa ang mga broken families. Yung sinulat mong 34 reasons ay magandang gabay sa na maaring gawin ng bawat kababaihan sa kanilang pag aasawa. Darating ang araw ang mga anak mo ay mag aasawa din at kung ano ang nakita nilang maganda niyong pagsasama ito ay kanilang gagayahin. Nawa’y patuloy pagpalain ng DIOS ang inyong pagsasama ni Thammie at ng
    inyong mga anak.

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