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  • On why the Government is Failing

    On why the Government is Failing

    If a certain institution like our civil government takes too much responsibility (especially those that are not really their responsibility) – the system will crash. For the longest time the government has tried to be the SAVIOR of the Philippines. They have taken on all responsibilities and made promises to solve the problems of the…

  • Politics is Overrated, Church is Underrated

    Was talking to some of the people in church who is running for public office this coming elections and I asked them how much do you need to run for a post. Here was the conservative estimate. Counselor of the city – 5M to 10M ) Vice Mayor – 10M Mayor 10 to 15M Senator…

  • as far as I am concerned….

    as far as I am concerned….

    In leadership it is assumed that you are on top of things. It is getting your facts straight. When asked a very simple question about the state of your affairs – a leader would have the knowledge to answer. If the facts and the stories you tell don’t match and all you try to say…

  • who am I endorsing for 2010?

    Remember to vote Wise Lee.