as far as I am concerned….


In leadership it is assumed that you are on top of things. It is getting your facts straight. When asked a very simple question about the state of your affairs – a leader would have the knowledge to answer.

If the facts and the stories you tell don’t match and all you try to say is “AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED” then you have lost your integrity as a leader.34

What we need today are not just talented leaders. We have a surplus of talented leaders.

What we need today are leaders who uphold a biblical standard of morality. A moral leader is a leader worth following.

Tita Cory exemplified it. Chief Justice Puno decided not to run this coming 2010 but created a movement of moral leadership. Mar Roxas decided to step down and support Noynoy’s presidency.

In the same way, church should be in the forefront of modeling moral leadership. We have to de deliberate in making sure that we are above reproach and blameless in all aspects of our life.

Watch this video and see what I mean: