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  • Multiplying Leaders with Pastor Steve Murrell

    Multiplying Leaders with Pastor Steve Murrell

    In this five-minute leadership podcast, Pastor Steve Murrell and I discuss the importance of multiplying ourselves to others to solve the leadership crisis in any organization and church. I shared here the journey of Victory Greenhills, which had only me as full-time staff with 250 people, and how it has multiplied to have 400 small…

  • In Love with the Mission or the Model?

    In Love with the Mission or the Model?

    “If there is a better way of doing discipleship, we will do it that way.” In my years as a Christian leader, I have heard this phrase, whether it was my senior pastor, during church training, or during a conversation with fellow pastors in our movement. For every mission God gives us, we have to…

  • Leadership Values

    Leadership Values

    Every decision we make as leaders shows the value we embrace. Here are some values we need to keep as leaders. Value the mission more than the method. Methods change all the time. During the 90’s we were into skits, rap music and church potlucks. Over time the method changes. But what makes a church…

  • Attracting and Developing Leaders

    Attracting and Developing Leaders

    Leadership development has been a word that has been going around our office the past years. I think there would be no year where you would say, “let’s stop the leadership development of our disciples.” Last week, our campus director Dave, went to my office to discuss his thoughts about leadership. He shared how he…

  • My Top 10 Leadership Blogs from the past

    My Top 10 Leadership Blogs from the past

    1. Farmville Leadership 2. What is Leadership? 3. Leading with the OLD 4. Hedgehog Concept 5. Take it to the next level 6. Leadership Challenges 7. Honest Feedbacks 8. Productivity 9. Authenticity 10. Why your Leadership Sucks?!