Leadership Values

john 21v17-18

Every decision we make as leaders shows the value we embrace. Here are some values we need to keep as leaders.

  1. Value the mission more than the method.

Methods change all the time. During the 90’s we were into skits, rap music and church potlucks. Over time the method changes. But what makes a church grow is for the people to remain true to the mission.

A lot of dying churches are in their present state because they have valued the method more than the mission. When we hear people say, “but this is how we have been doing things” in spite of the glaring evidence that it is not working – it’s time you pray hard that God would once again put your leadership team back to the mission of the church.

2. Value people more than the programs.

Leadership is a people business. With all the innovations today – it is still a people business. Pastors, we are shepherds of the flock and not the marketing director of the church. The cross is marketable ( it is both attractive and offensive) so our job is to be faithful in leading our church, praying for our church, preaching the word and make disciples.

People can smell if you really love them or if you just love your job. Jesus asked Peter, “do you love me?”…. feed my sheep.

john 21v17-18

3. Value empowerment over control.

This is a tension a lot of leaders face. We can’t let go. One of the biggest idolatry issue of leaders is- CONTROL.

We don’t like not being in control and we all know that empowering someone is losing grip of control. I thank God for men and women who empowered me to lead and make mistake early on. With proper coaching and guidance, empowerment is the best thing you can do to your church leadership.