Sunday Rewind # 1

– I missed pacquiao’s fight again.
– had our last morning service in New Manila. We would be renovating it to become the HUB for college students in the area. I am excited for the future of our ministry in New Manila.
– our youth workers are doing a great job. Hats off to the PASSION ENGINEER – Bojo and his team for buil
ding a thriving youth ministry.
– our 3pm service was half full – maybe because of the Pacquiao fight. This always happens to us. Lots of
parking space in Greenhills, few attendance for our 3pm service, 0 crime rate in the Philippines. Pacquiao should be a national hero.
– our 5pm was packed. My wife led worship. Amazing!
– had a great time preaching about the power of the Holy Spirit.
– excited for next week’s mother’s day.
– Margarita baptized the song BURN. It was the best rendition I have heard ever. As what Paul Pajo would say “WASAK!”
– met new amazing people yesterday.
– Ill be at the Family camp this Wednesday to Friday – looking forward to that!

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