sunday rewind, may 31, 2009

– great time in church yesterday.Ding and the team did a great job in worship.

– our very own Cello Nunez won a gold platinum record early Sunday morning and went straight to church to lead worship.

– Ethel is a natural gifted speaker. Her word blessed me.

– Glad to see Pastor Christian up on stage again after the career ending injury he had during family camp.

– Had a hard time preaching at our 3pm service but adjusted for the 5pm.

– i love the book of Nehemiah and I love the series.

– had people approached me yesterday telling me they have stopped reading their Bible and are going to read it again.

-” there is no way you can grow as a Christian if you are not going to read the Bible.”

– so many people have problems because they don’t read the Bible so they cannot obey the commands of the Lord.

– Before we change this nation, the word has to change us first.

– had coffee with our single leaders last night. Enjoyed hanging out with them.