sunday rewind march 1, 2009

– great Sunday!!!
– church was packed!!!!
– I want to honor all our volunteers (New Manila campus and Greenhills), you guys are doing a great job. We have seen an increase on volunteers for the past month and we haven’t even started our VOLUNTEER’S SUNDAY.
– kids church was packed. services were packed. I am smelling a 3rd service!!!
– Jonas and the worship team – one of the best ever worship experience!
– If Jonas was not a campus worker, he would be a rock star or an opera singer!
– Jun Gomez was phenomenal. When he exhorted for our tithes and offering he just owned the stage!
– Pastor Steve’s message on LEGACY was a winner. I was glad he was the one who preached this Sunday. He is an epitome of a man who has built a legacy. To get a glimpse of his message, click here.
– for the impact of his message, click here
– had dinner with Pastor Steve after. It is just refreshing to sit under a great leader and mentor.
– when I grow up – I want to be just like you!!!
– I love being a pastor and a church planter!!!