sunday rewind feb 8-09

– had a great time at church yesterday.
– this week was one of the best week ever
– hats off to all our leaders and volunteers for the great service
– we had our volunteer’s appreciation night for our New Manila campus last Saturday
– this week was our biggest weekend attendance in GREEN
HILLS history!!!
– moving our services to 3pm and 5pm was a wise move for us.
– our kids ministry has grown tremendously
– Pastor Larry and the team – thank you v
ery much. I am so blessed to have a wonderful kids ministry team. Keep on growing your tribe.
– our youth event THRIBE broke attendance record as well this week.
– it was amazing to see how dedicated and hardworking our campus workers are. We capped our Friday night at HAPC
HAN when I learned that they haven’t eaten lunch and dinner. Talk about dedication.
– Around 30 college students committed to take on leadership roles in their respective tribes. I know something BIG is about to happen.
– worship in all our 3 services were ANOINTED!
– Bong Gozum – we will miss u. Bong and his tribe of college students would help plant a church in MetroEast. We are sending out our best people to places where the gospel must be preached!
– pray for our expansion plans for our New Manila campus.
– our outreach to the Barangay is gaining momentum. We have 45 volunteers this week raring to go and preach and feed the people with food and the Bible.
– i strongly beleive that the church must get involved in helping the less fortunate.
– our 1 life to live series rocks! the message makes you think HARD about life!
– next week we talk about LOVE!
– God is good.
– I love my family