sunday rewind (feb 15-2009)

For pastors – weekends are the highlight of our week. Here is what happened to our ( Victory Greenhills Pastoral Team weekend)


– our team was getting prepared by 130pm. We had our WORD training. Bojo, Chan, Jonas and Ethel are the next generation communicators and preachers. Watch out for this guys!

– By 3pm some of our volunteers starts coming. Worship team sets up the instruments and they start practicing. Jonas leads worship tonight.

– Christian goes to Trinity to meet up with some students and invites them to our THRIBE.

– Ethel, our service director, was making sure everything is in place. The keynote presentation, the sign up sheets, the place, the toilet. Every detail of the place scanned and cleaned.

– by 5pm Sheryn our makeup artist comes with her powder and make up. It was TWILIGHT night for our 1 life to live series.

– by 6pm people are starting to fill up the main hall that could seat around 180 people.

– 630pm sharp – band plays. Jonas was intense personified. Jesus was lifted up!
– i love the twilight atmosphere! Edward is a born again Jesus freak!!!!
– preached a message about loving completely.
– felt the Spirit of God move in our midst. The students were given an opportunity to start loving completely now.
– we had hundreds of college students respond to the call to love!!!


New Manila
– Bong Gozum – one of the best worship leaders I have seen.
– we had a record high of 60 kids in our kids church and children’s church.
– I just have to give credit to our kids church volunteers. You guys are awesome!
– struggled with my Filipino preaching but felt like message still ministered to the people.
– challenge the people to start spreading the LOVE.
– podcast will soon be uploaded. Hopefully we could start it next week.
– we also launched our feeding program for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the community. We had around 150 people who came to our church to be fed with food and the WORD!


– had a trouble setting up since the earlier group who rented the place overtimed! We were 90 minutes late with our setup.
– GRACE!!!! everything went well. Our ushers were once again awesome
– met a lot of new people in church! we had some foreigners in church this week.
– Randell did great in exhorting us to give!
– Jonas and Ayi led worship. Grabe! Presence of God was there!
– we’ve broke the 1000 mark for the past 2 weeks. Thinking of another service soon.
– I love this church!
– I love my wife! and my kids
I love Jesus!!!!!!!